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ALFalah for Heavy Equipment

Al-Falah For Heavy Equipment Company is one of the most famous distributors of spare parts, and a big supplier in the field of heavy equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our company has an honorable and excellent track and a well-known record of customer’s satisfaction. We are proud to have a team of highly qualified and experienced staff who are familiar with all changes in spare parts market trends.

We are dealing with the best spare parts suppliers from around the world who are renowned for their quality products

We have always been a success partner for our suppliers, thanking them for their appreciation of our performance

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Technical Knowledge

With more than 20 years of experience in the Saudi market, our sales team can assist and advise you to get the best solution for your equipment.


Alfalah provide full warranty for all products, to insure a better customer satisfaction and best service level.


Keep your focus on your main operation and let us take care of delivering your orders to your warehouse or working site.

Special Orders

Alfalah is ready to provide you with all needed spare parts including rare items by special orders upon request to supply your business.




Let your guiding rule be

not how much, but how


Authorized Distributor For

  • Jeddah (Main Office)

    Al-Jama'a Dist.                                         Old Makkah Road                             Tel : +966126894704                Fax :+966126021332

  • Riyadh Branch

    Al-Eiwadah Dist.                                       Ali Bin Abi Taleb St.                        Tel: +966114381801                 Fax : +966114957681

  • Kh. Mushait Branch

    New Aseer Industrial Zone Wade Bin Hashbl St.                    Tel: +966172204590                 Fax : +966172204599

  • Dammam Branch

    Ghirnata Dist.                                      Prince Nife St.                                                Tel: +966138173781                 Fax : +966138173778

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